The best place to be on the last day of the year is to be in the midst of the children of God enjoying God’s presence


Scripture Reading: Exodus 15:21-32

Day-2 December 25


1. Jehovah God, Let my pharaoh and his cohort perish today in Jesus name.

2. Every warfare that says I will not rise, be drowned in the red of Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name.

3. Lord, break every ancestral curse that is making my life to experience hardship in Jesus’ name.

4. O lord, destroy all ancient covenants of my lineage that is making my life miserable in Jesus’ name.

5. Every power trying to subject my life to a tight position break lose in the name of Jesus.

6. Lord every unrepentant enemy pursuing me where  ever God sent me be consume by fire in Jesus name.

7. O lord, let your terror and dread fall upon all enemies besieging my life in Jesus’ name.

8. Lord disgrace every close enemy that is very close and unnoticeable for me in Jesus’ name.

9. Lord, render all my enemy ammunitions useless and powerless Jesus’ name.

10. Lord, let the divine deliverance that will make nations to tremble and bow before me begin today in my life.

Now make these confessions out loud:

1. I am cleansed with the blood of the lamb.

2. The angels assigned by God to care for me, I receive them today in Jesus’ name.

3. As from today, I shall never be termed forsaken in Jesus name.

4. Lord, I cast my entire burden on you; take me to my Promised Land, in Jesus’ name.

5. Let all sorrows, afflictions and problems end in my life in Jesus’ name.

6. I shall have dominion and never be dominated over the troubles of this life in Jesus’ name.

7. My family is free from bondage, food of affliction and famine in Jesus’ name.

8. In the name of Jesus Christ, The Mighty hand of God is upon my life, upholding and protecting me from all who rise up against me in the name of Jesus.

9. Jesus Christ made His grace available to me, I ask for the grace of God and I receive it by faith, in the name of Jesus.

10. God shall make a way for me in the wilderness and a river for me in the desert in the name of Jesus Christ.


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