New year Declaration / Prayer / Confession


New Year Declaration / Prayer / Confession
–    Oh God of our fathers give me supernatural release and provision to  meet all my needs.
–    This year 2017 hear the word of God  I ……(Mention your names)……shall be fruitful in all my undertakings.
–    This year 2017 Father give me divine connections
As God of Obadare liveth it shall be well with my soul.
–    In this year Oh Lord replace every weak and tired angels with strong ones to minister in all area of my life.
–    Merciful  God may I  not be a cast away  in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

–    Oh God of KOSEUNTI,  you are KOSEUNTI yourself manifest mightily in our midst in this year 2017.
–    Oluwa Olorun Koseunti release fresh fire on your servant pastor (Dr.) Paul Obadare and all ministers at Koseunti prayer meetings.
–    Arise Oluwa Olorun KOSEUNTI send kingdom helpers into your work.
–    In 2017 God as of old refresh the angels working at KOSEUNTI for greater works.
–    Oh God proclaim KOSEUNTI afresh in all corners of the world.
–    Let the blood of Jesus overcome every enemy  fighting against KOSEUNTI prayer meetings.
Sing this song aloud to the King of Kings- Do something new in KOSEUNTI…(x3)…..oh Lord.